Written by Howard Eley

My entry into the health food world was certainly met with indifference and above all else, avoidance! 

I would think to myself, "if this is what it tastes like, then I will just be unhealthy!"  Did you have similar thoughts? 

Well, the good news is, all of that has changed.  Over the past decade, I have discovered foods from sweets to snacks to complete meals that have all of the flavor and none of the guilt.   

Take a look at just some of the items we carry.  The health food goods that we offer have been personally sampled and chosen.  Our efforts at providing a variety of products to choose from is a direct result of what our customers and our research have discovered.

We are always exchanging one product for another because the public changes their needs.  We also will be offering a tasteful selection of wheat free/gluten free products.  So, if you have a favorite in mind, please just call us or you can contact us via email using this link. Either way, your voice will be heard and we welcome your thoughts!

So, stop on by the store and see for yourself.  Check out our events calendar to see what days we off free samples. 

Taste is believing! 

Cheers :-)!