This is Granma T!

The Story of Granma T’s

Theora Marx story:  A woman’s personal journey from nursing to nurturing

  She is a wife and the mother of three children and grandmother of five.  She completed her MSN nursing degree at Hampton University in 1982.   In 1991 she was the Assistant Director of Nurses at Eastern State Hospital, where she had worked for 17 years.

            In April of 1991 she had her routine annual exam.  Everything was normal, but she told her friend that she was “just not feeling right.” On that Mother’s Day weekend, in May of 1991, her adult children were coming  to town for a visit with her.  Usually full of energy, she found herself to exhausted to finalize the evenings dinner preparations.  While lying down to rest, she put her nursing training to work, palpating her own very weary body and felt a grapefruit sized mass in her abdomen.  After consultation with her doctor, it was determined that she had ovarian cancer.  She endured a two-year cycle of endless medical appointments, surgeries and traditional chemo/radiation therapy.  None of these steps proved to be beneficial so she was released to make her “final preparations”.

            Instead, she began researching the connections and interdependence of mind, body and soul.  She learned how thoughts and attitudes, directly affect our physical bodies.    Always a spiritual woman, she learned how faith factors into the equation.  When she contacted the practice of Depak Chopra, she was directed to Dr. Nancy Landstorf.  Through the use of herbs prescribed by this practitioner of Indian and Western medicine she began to regain her strength.  Her education in natural health, herbal supplementation  and organic foods had just begun. 

She read about natural health and learned about herbs and organic foods.  She learned that  what we eat cause, contribute to or exacerbate illness.  She learned how to use the remedies found in nature to restore and maintain vibrant health.  She read about it, researched it, adopted it, practices it and lives by it. 

She and her family utilized the information she was learning.  They made a complete change in their diet and began to eat only natural, organic foods. By 1993 she was regaining strength and using a walker.  In 1995, she was walking, but still dragging her leg.  Now, she is completely recovered from the cancer and from her paralysis.

In 1996, she and her family opened Granma T’s Gourmet Bread, Herbs and Nutrition at 13768 Warwick Blvd., in Newport News, Va.  The business is much more than a business to this family.  They consider it their mission.  Everyone on staff at Granma T’s is a trained and certified herb specialist.  Granma T and her son, Howard Eley are Certified Natural Health Professionals, a certification that takes about 2 years of specialized study and testing to receive.  They provide counseling and evaluations to those who wish to maintain, or restore their health by augmenting their physician’s diagnosis and treatment with the proper mix of nutrition, herbs, and education. 

As a Certified Natural Health Professional who was also educated as a medical nurse, Granma T helps people by pulling all of their information and health issues together to get a complete picture of their health and their opportunities to enhance retain or regain their health. 

Stop by for a visit.  There is a lot more information she willingly shares with anyone facing difficult health related issues. Or just give a wave when you pass the store and see her sitting outside in the rocker chair enjoying the community and all its patrons!